Hey friends, do you know about this show, "Rubicon?"  You should: It'll be a very big deal when it launchs on AMC this August, insofar as AMC has launched only two series thus far - "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" - and both happen to be the best on TV.

  So "Rubicon" is joining good company.

  It's a conspiracu thriller with James Badge Dale, set in NYC, about a guy who works for a think tank and gets thrown into some wacky business. It's produced by Henry Bromell who has done some terrific TV work over the years going allll the way back to "I'll Fly Away." I think he's better known for "Homicide."

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  I bring all this up because AMC just announced it'll offer an extended sneak peek on this Sunday's finale of "Breaking Bad."

  Here's the promo, if you haven't seen already...