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‘American Horror Story’ season 7 will focus on 2016 presidential election, Ryan Murphy says

Ryan Murphy says the next season of

Ryan Murphy says the next season of "American Horror Story" will be about the presidential election. Credit: Fox / PictureGroup / Stewart Cook

Will season 7 of “American Horror Story” be about the election?

You know which “election” — the election of 2016, which was a tonic for some and (indeed) a horror story for others. We have an answer for you: Yes, or maybe, or, “we’ll all have to wait and see.”

During an interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens” Wednesday night, showrunner Ryan Murphy told the host, “I don’t have a title but the season we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election we just went through. I think it will be interesting for a lot of people.”

Cohen seemed momentarily stunned. “Wow,” he said. “Will there be a [Donald] Trump in it?”

Murphy: “Maybe.”

It should probably be noted that master of head-gamesmanship Murphy is not always entirely forthcoming about the content of “AHS,” and for the 6th season, sent viewers off on a wild online goose chase to figure out plot, setting, content and even title.

But he and FX also know that they can only go back to the standard horror-trope well so often — haunted houses, asylums, insane clowns, degenerate hotels (can hotels be “degenerate?”), and the like. By metaphorically expanding the idea of “horror,” the hugely popular franchise can break out of ruts (season 6) and push into new horrific realms.

Now, you ask, “AHS: Election?” What could that possibly be about? Who would the candidates be? Would Vladimir Putin have a role here (Is “SNL’s” Beck Bennett available?) Would Jessica Lange return for this one? Will any of Murphy’s favorite posse of players — like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Cheyenne Jackson, Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson, or Finn Wittrock, all of whom appeared last season — find a place here?

Lady Gaga? (Please Ryan, tell us Gaga will be in this.)

Who dies? How much blood? Does the government emerge unscathed, or, like “Mars Attacks,” emerge very much scathed?

You know: All the usual “AHS” questions that Murphy, once again, has us all futilely wondering about.

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