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'American Idol:' 26.2 million

The biggest show on TV - "American Idol," natch -  remains the biggest show on TV. Seen by 26.2 million last night, that means there's still plenty of power in the franchise, but it did decline by 13 percent from the same period last year. A cause for concern for Fox? Probably not too much of one; the trajectory has been southward for several years now, and a reversal of that was not expected.

Key, of course, will be tonight when "Idol" moves to Thursday and competition becomes a little tighter. The CBS sitcoms will draw most blood, though it's hard to imagine even "Wipeout" won't have some sort of impact. NBC is not considered a factor. [Fox by the way just adjusted the numbers and it now it now says 26.2 million watched; an earlier post said 26.1 million.]

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