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'American Idol' bizarrely confronts Jermaine Jones on air over his arrest record

"American Idol" revisits what happened to Jermaine Jones next on the show; first, Ryan Seacrest "reveals" that is was indeedJones who was cut, because of "information from law enforcement."

Wow; this is unbelievable -- they actually filmed Nigel Lythgoe and someone else from the show sitting down with Jones, with their serious glasses on, and going over the fact he was arrested twice last year, and that "there are four active warrants out for your arrest, which surprised us."

Jones is then told he needed to tell the truth at the start; they start asking him about each incident; he haltingly explains them, but they say they don't really have a choice, they have to let him go -- that in Lythgoe's words, "we can't have anyone on the show who has warrants out."

Then bizarrely they start telling him his rehearsal of "Somewhere Out There" was the best they've ever heard him sing, and how it's too bad. They then run a clip of him, and he does sound strong.

The whole thing is really weird. I can't believe they turned confronting a contestant over his arrest record into a made-for-TV event!


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