'American Idol' kicks off what promises to be a wicked cool season nine in Boston --  but Ryan starts the audition round with a look back at Adam Lambert losing to Kris Allen, and Paula Abdul leaving followed by Ellen DeGeneres joining.

Then they run a montage of contestants coming up in the audition rounds (a lot of interesting faces), followed by rain on day one of Boston auditions, at Gillette Stadium (I think a certain fallen dynasty plays there?)

Simon walks in the wrong door, then a glam-looking Victoria Beckham all in red shows as the celebrity guest judge.

Bouncy Janet McNamara is first up, apparently only cause she plays the 'American Idol' video game, which looks ridiculously bad. Yeah, this show is all about selling stuff.... Hey, she actually jumps up and down in the bathroom and tells herself she's "wicked awesome."

She's horrible, of course; even mistakes Kara for Paula. Swears a lot outside, is all fidgety... man, it's gonna be another great year on 'Idol.'

Is this gonna be Idol's best year ever, or is it getting old? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post to tell us.

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