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"American Idol:" Bowersox's to lose?



  Unlike you, perhaps, I haven't been paying a great deal of attention to the "American Idol" Top 20, now 16, though am left with an over-riding sense that this season's crop has been a disappointment - to fans and judges.

  It's somewhat of a strange, unsettled season so far too - no requisite (or manufactured) drama and a judge panel that continues to sort out sharply divergent opinions and sharply divergent styles. An ice block remains firmly in place between SiCo and Ellen: His
abhorence of her seems ill-disguised. He doesn't bother to even smile at her jokes, of which there are too many now, and suddenly become playful with once-ignored and disdained Kara,probably as an affront to Ellen.

 This all feels like a bad, shotgun marriage - four partners, if that's possible - with them operating on automatic pilot, although each pilot is going in different directions! The contestants must be bewildered. I certainly am.

  Meanwhile, those contestants: The betting lines will come out this morning, but expect to see this trio at the the top of the boards: Casey James, Andrew Garcia, and Crystal Bowersox. If that changes, you'll be the first to know.

  Are they reasonable top contenders? Sure...but are they memorable ones to this point, or interesting ones, or original ones? Is their an Adam Lambert, potential or real, in this small crowd? I don't think so. That could change.

  Last night was odd as well - three black contestants booted, and a Korean American, leaving "Idol's" rainbow coalition just a little whiter. Not sure I can recall an instance when four minorities were booted in one elimination show.




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