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'American Idol' chief says viewer fatigue has hurt show

Nigel Lythgoe, “American Idol” chief, above, held a conference call yesterday, on the eve of the Hollywood rounds, pretty much admitting what everyone had suspected would happen:  “The X Factor” and “The Voice” have hurt the show's numbers.

Per Lythgoe:

“Concerned? Don't forget Simon Cowell only packed his bags for three weeks when he came out here [a decade ago]. I am thrilled with these ratings and we are constantly being compared against ourselves. Of course there is going to be some kind of deterioration in the ratings. We've got major programs against us. And whether people like them or dislike them, they are still feeding from the same talent [pool] and still dilute our audience. I'm more worried about getting this show right. We always said we would not do two seasons of 'Idol' [per year] and now with 'The X Factor' it feels like two seasons of 'Idol.' Plus, 'The Voice' is there. So yeah, of course there is going to be viewer fatigue, same as if there would be too many sci fi or hospital dramas. But all I can say is that after eleven years ... it's still fantastic that we're still America's number one show.“

 He then laughed, adding: “So far.“

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