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'American Idol' comes up small in Texas despite Jacqueline Dunford, Nick Fink and Casey Abrams

Thousands of people attend the Austin, Texas, auditions

Thousands of people attend the Austin, Texas, auditions of "American Idol." (Aug. 11, 2010) Credit: Fox

"American Idol" Austin edition was surprisingly the most mediocre audition so far. Aa few good people there, but nobody great. Unless the best ones were the contestants they only showed for a few seconds.

Below is how I rated the contestants. Put in your thoughts in the comments.

1) Sappy couple Jacqueline Dunford and Nick Fink brought the house down on "Mercy" and "Sunday Morning." I don't agree with Jennifer Lopez who calls them her' "favorite couple on 'Idol' in 10 years," but am definitely looking forward to hearing more. 

2)  Casey Abrams sent a jolt of energy with "I Don't Need No Doctor." Hopefully he doesn't think he needs to be zany to stand out.

3) Ex-Brit Hollie Cavanagh  convinced the judges with her shockingly soulful voice, tears and "The Climb" to give her a shot. She wants this really badly, has some sort of x-factor appeal.

4) Total cowboy John Wayne Schulz sang "Believe" not badly, but it's really his personality that got him through. As Lopez told his parents, "You guys raised a good boy,".

5) High-pitched Corey Levoy "surprised and impressed" Randy Jackson and us with "You Can't Make Me Love You."

6) Not a big fan of chicken dancer  Courtney Penry. She could be nuts, could be fun. Wasn't bad on "Stay." maybe she'll stick and entertain.

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