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'American Idol' falls flat with Dick Clark tribute, kicks Elise Testone back in bottom three

Skylar Laine and Elise Testone are up next as "American Idol" cuts to its top six; obviously Testone is in the bottom three out of this group.

And indeed, Testone's back camping out in her "vacation home" in the bottom three, as mentor Jimmy Iovine put it Wednesday night. Joining Hollie Cavanagh.

Laine is safe; at this point she's headed for the finals, has really hit her groove.

After the break they do a tribute to Dick Clark, with his New Year's Eve hosting successor Ryan Seacrest just narrating a series of clips. It's pretty disappointing; figured they'd do some sort of musical performance, maybe have the finalists do something in the style of "American Bandstand," but it's just the same clips everyone else showed Wednesday.

Worse -- the segment segues into LMFAO performing their profane "Sorry for Party Rocking," with Fox bleeping them a few times.

This is typical of "Idol." Either from lack of thinking or callousness, these awkward or downright stupid moments happen with regularity. The always-classy Clark would cringe; Seacrest has no such sense.

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