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'American Idol' fashion: Adam Lambert goes corporate Elvis, while Crystal Bowersox wears wallpaper?

Crystal Bowersox

Crystal Bowersox

Last season, Adam Lambert channeled Elvis like crazy on "American Idol" – the jet black Elvis ‘do, the lined eyes, the tight white outfits -- so he was the perfect mentor on Elvis night.

In fact, he did kind of a corporate Elvis thing, with the shiny, big hair and a tweedy jacket. Too bad he was the only one, save perhaps, for Siobhan Magnus, who dared to conjure up the icon’s fabulous fashion sense.

Now we weren’t looking for impersonators, but each contestant gets a weekly wardrobe budget of $400 so there could have been a reference to the guy. True, the only modern take on Elvis was Siobhan’s pompadour and skin tight, body-baring, slashed white dress with gold star appliqué and white booties but the judge’s shot down her vocals.

Here is a look at the rest of them:

Crystal Bowersox: Notice how the camera hardly shot Crystal’s lower half? Perhaps it was the unfortunate choice of pants that looked like flocked wallpaper with a giant fleur-de-lis-like pattern. As for the rest of her, a leather vest, dark tee, her signature wooden hoop earrings and hair feather… just fine. Though she hasn’t gone over-the-top in the makeup department, she’s taken a real liking to false eyelashes, and they look good on her. It’s really her first almost fashion fiasco, but she is “saved” by her solid vocals.

Andrew Garcia: He looked cool in his tux jacket over a white v-neck and jeans, accessorized with a pocket square and pin, pocket chain and sneakers. And truth told, we liked his groovy take on “Hound Dog,” but the judge’s did not.

Tim Urban: Sounding his best, he dressed the teen idol part perfectly. His gray-green tee-shirt emphasized some amped up biceps.

Lee Dewyze: The dude’s the real deal vocally and dresses without artifice. Last night it was messily layered black-on-black. He looked and sounded right,

Aaron Kelly: Reportedly, he’s tough to dress because he’s so small (he’s got a 28-inch waist) but we weren’t crazy about the tawny jacket that appeared to be straight out of the Member’s Only archive (and what’s with the weekly sleeve joozshing?) over a blue shirt (in homage to “Blue Suede Shoes?”) and black jeans. It just doesn’t look genuine to us – almost too put together.

Michael Lynche: With a 56-inch chest, 40-inch waist and 22-inch biceps, it’s smart to keep the big man slimmed down in black and last night, a black leather motorcycle jacket was a good choice.

Katie Stevens: Trying to toughen up her image vocally and with fashion, Katie worked an embroidered shrug over a cobalt shirt with lots of accessories – heart necklaces, long tasseled earrings, belts – over badass leather pants for a gypsy- meets- biker look.

Casey James: Boring performance. Boring outfit. If it’s always going to be a Western shirt and jeans, then please, make it more interesting. Casey’s hair-centric bow to mixing it up? A ponytail.

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