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'American Idol' finalists become vampires; not much change for one

The six 'American Idol' finalists are turned into vampires for the car commercial they always do (I think it's for Toyota), funnily Crystal Bowersox doesn't look super-different.... Siobhan Magnus looks totally crazy.

Who plays the 'victim' in the car? Michael Lynche. Uh, yeah.

They then run another in-show commerical, for some upcoming movie about a green guy, I think it's called "Yoda the Final Chapter."

Yeah, it's awesome how every minute of this show is for sale to the highest bidder, am sure that's one reason why the ratings have been growing so much, people love this stuff.

Cameron Diaz and a plump Antonio Banderas come out to promo the film some more, it's pointless.

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