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'American Idol' - Four to Three Odds Favor the Girls

Then there were seven. Here is your top

Then there were seven. Here is your top 7, America: from left, Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone. (April 5, 2012) Credit: Fox

After the hair-tossing, falsetto-voiced "American idol" wannabe DeAndre Brackensick was eliminated from the competition last Thursday, my five-year-old “idol psychic” granddaughter Alex proclaimed, “No save ... only three more boys left.” 

She’s convinced that a girl (she still hopes it will be Elise Testone) will win this year, and I must say that I tend to agree with her, although I think that Jessica Sanchez might have a better chance of winning.

Alex actually likes all of the girls.  She said, “I knew it!” when Ryan Seacrest announced that Sanchez was safe at the beginning of the show.

While she didn’t get to see Skylar Laine sing, as she was the last to perform Wednesday night and it way past her bedtime, Alex was glad to see that Laine, too, was safe.

Alex was not happy to see two of “her girls” -- Hollie Cavanagh and Testone -- in the bottom three.

When Cavanagh was sent to the safe area, Alex tried to prematurely console herself in the event Testone was eliminated. She said, “I still like Hollie.” She also put her hands over her face, just in case she got teary eyed if her favorite got the boot.

After Ryan Seacrest announced that Brackensick was the one in jeopardy, Alex gave a laugh, clapped her little hands and hugged her mother.

As for who I think will win -- I have to close my eyes and listen and think about whose music I would listen to. Not Joshua Ledet, as he’s too gospel for me.  Not Laine, as she’s too country and we’ve just had Scotty McCreary and Lauren Alaina last season.

While I like Cavanagh, she is missing something, and I don’t think she can win. I also like Phillip Phillips, but he’s been close-minded to advice that’s been offered by judges and mentors.

That leaves Sanchez, Colton Dixon and Testone – and of all three, I like Testone’s style and voice the best.  While I think that Sanchez, with her powerhouse pipes, may just take it all, I’m rooting for underdog Testone, the comeback kid of this season.

On Wednesday, the top 7 will sing contemporary songs from this decade, and Akon will mentor them.

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