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'American Idol' guys strike back in New Orleans

"American Idol" hopefuls don Mardi Gras masks at the auditions in New Orleans. (July 26, 2010) Credit: Fox

"American Idol" found some amazing guys in New Orleans after the women ruled in Jersey, with 15-year-old Jacee Badeaux in particular making sure everyone will know his name in the weeks to come.

The judges took a backseat to the talent, but I'm curious to see if Steven Tyler keeps harping on contestants' body parts -- so far he's given extensive commentary on lips, legs and breasts.

Here's how I ranked the contestants; put in your thoughts in the comments, below:

1) Jacee Badeaux showed off a pure voice and his natural performing skills on "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay." "You are so sweet and so cute," said Jennifer Lopez, as they gushed all over him. He's my favorite of everyone so far.

2) Jacquelyn Dupree, who brought Randy Jackson's old football coach along, did a gorgeous rendition of "I'll Stand By You." As Lopez termed it, just "awesome."

3) Jordan Dorsey gave Lopez "goose pimples" with his jazzy "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" -- he's strong, serious and the second-best guy we've seen. 

4) Bullied redhead Brett Loewenstern brought an unusual tone to "Bohemian Rhapsody." Hope this totally sincere and vulnerable contestant sticks around.

5) Sarah Sellers, whose lips Tyler admired, brought the judges to silence with "Make You Feel My Love." She's a pro and will be around for a while.

6) Tearful Paris Tassin has the looks and the passion that does well on this show. Her "Temporary Home," wasn't amazing but she wants it so bad you can't help but root for her.

7) Jovany Barreto didn't really need to take his shirt off to wow J.Lo.  He did, though, which makes me wonder if along with his powerful, controlled voice he's also got the rock star personality to break through.

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