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'American Idol': Jan. 16 and 17; 'The Following,' Jan. 21

The town of Bronxville was once again transformed

The town of Bronxville was once again transformed into a set Wednesday with the filming of “The Following,” a new television drama starring Kevin Bacon. In his first-ever television show, Bacon plays a former FBI profiler who is called back into service to track down a serial killer who has escaped from prison. “The Following” is scheduled to air midseason on Fox. Tina Fey's film “Admission” also filmed in the Westchester village in May. (Aug. 8, 2012) Credit: Leslie Barbaro

Fox just announced its winter premiere dates, and let's get straight to it: “American Idol,” with new judges and presumably new life, returns for the usual two-nighter, Jan. 16 and 17.

But perhaps of greater significance (to Fox) this: Kevin Bacon's new prime-time series, “The Following,” also has a start date: Monday, Jan. 21. It's terrifically grim subject material (serial killers) but it is Kevin Bacon, and a show with substantial advance buzz.

I'm not certain but believe this could be before the spring season of “The Voice” launches -- good news for “The Following,” if true, though NBC has shown a willingness -- even eagerness -- to use its hit to punch Fox in the nose.

Meanwhile, “Touch” is back Feb. 1.

Here's the trailer.

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