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'American Idol' judges pick Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison for top three -- fans disagree

Seven remaining "American Idol" finalists start elimination night with a group song, Queen's "Somebody to Love." It's good -- Angie Miller sparkles, with Candice Glover showing off her huge pipes on an epic final note.

Casey James, who nobody remembers from season nine, is back on the show, performing "The Good Life." It's a typical easy-listening country song; he has a pretty good tone, nothing stellar but relaxing to have on in the background.

Next, they reveal the top three picks for each of the judges -- Nicki Minaj claims she didn't know this would be public. They all pick Miller, Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison, except for Mariah Carey, who throws Glover into the mix.

After that they show this week's top three based on the fan vote; it's Miller, Harrison -- and Lazaro Arbos!  Which means the bottom three is Holcomb (boo!), Glover (boo!) and Burnell Taylor.

Carrie Underwood then returns, to sing "See You Again." She exudes star quality, even if I've never been a huge fan. Judges give her a standing ovation, just for kicks.

You can see Miller sitting over there just thinking, "that's gonna be me!"

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