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"American Idol:" Judges save...

Michael Lynche sings The Beatles'

Michael Lynche sings The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" on "American Idol." (April 6, 2010) Photo Credit: Fox



  Michael Lynche...

 ...this guy had to be saved?!

  THIS GUY??!!

  Here we go again...

  Desperate for something, notably buzz or controversy or press or anything, "American Idol" got some tonight: Somehow Michael Lynche nearly got dumped.

  Oh come on. For cying out loud.

  Are voters of this show truly the...

   No, I'll bite my tongue. I won't say anything, or write anything, other than to observe the following: Something is wrong in "Idol"-land when one of the best of the lot nearly gets zapped...

  Not a strong final twelve. Good ones have gone already. Untalented ones remain. 

  And nearly, nearly, one of two best of the entire group gets dumped because somehow voters - in their finite wisdom or AT&T block voters still sending in millions of hits for you know - didn't bother to vote for ML. 

  The judges naturally save ML. How could they not?

  But what the heck is going on? 



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