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'American Idol': Lacey Brown's early exit



  If so, why?

  Lacey Brown, as interesting and talented as she is, has no obvious fan constituency out there. After last night's peculiar rendition of a tired old song ("Ruby Tuesday") I suspect the few fans she actually had (me) just shrugged and moved on.

  "Better give my vote to Bowersox JUST IN CASE the morons of this world don't vote for her."

  You know the logic of the "Idol" voting mind.

  In his insta-wrap of tonight's vote, my colleague, Jamshid Mousavinezhad, observed over at the "American Idol" blog:

 "She sings "The Story" to try and get the judges' save, and I'm telling you, she should
not be going -- she's got a great voice, and a really interesting personality, and tons
of charm."

  He's absolutely right. She should not be going. But she is.

  In any event, check out last night's performance again, and ask yourself: Who would vote for this?  It wasn't terrible; it simply didn't say: "Vote for me, oh please, vote, vote, vote (for me)."

  (Of course, who would vote for Tim Urban's performance, either?)

  Must we always remind ourselves?  This is a competition.


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