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Good Morning

'American Idol:' More upsets?

 What can you say about a night when three putative front-runners - Jacob Lusk, Pia Toscano, and Paul McDonald - turned in their absolutely worst performances of the season? That maybe....another upset is in the works? Hard to say because as usual Naima and Thia are probably the most vulnerable, but after last week, calling anything is a fool's game.  James Durbin? He did his best Adam Lambert imitation, but he's got a fan base that loves him totally, so it doesn't matter.

  I think JacobPiaPaul are safe, but who knows? Two contestants must go tonight which spreads out the odds, and makes the seemingly invulnerable a little more vulnerable. And because JacobPiaPaul were considered so invulnerable for so long, maybe their lackluster showings last night just might make their fans a little less enthusiastic to vote for them. Meanwhile, the wild cards - and the ejectee, Casey Abrams - were solid.  Amazing that Haley  Reinhart had her best night, Stefano Langone actually did a good job with "Tiny Dancer," and Casey took the most familiar song in the history of the universe and made it interesting. 

  Well good for them. Scotty McCreery will still probably win the whole thing, and Lauren Alaina continues to play to her non-urban base, so they're OK (he definitely is; how wise was Scotty to call out Grandma?) 


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