Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'American Idol' on Thursdays: OK but...

"American Idol's" big move to Thursdays was considered one of the riskier moves in the franchise's history -- for a few obvious reasons. People aren't used to it . . .competion's a bit tougher . . .maybe fans prefer it on Tuesday/Wednesday . . .must be some other one I can't think of for the moment.

 Last night's maiden voyage there was seen by 22.6  million people - which is certainly an hellacious figure, except for "Idol." In the key adult demo is was down 21 percent from Wednesday and 26 percent from the second night a year ago.

  Cause for concern (for Fox?) Any drop that big is cause for concern - but let's not fool  ourselves. "AI" is not a destination for teens or kids anymore; au contraire - I strongly suspect it is not cool be known in the hallowed halls of high school as a fan of "Idol."  You might even be labelled a NERD. That's a much bigger problem for "Idol" - which is now popular with mostly oldsters.

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