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'American Idol' picks Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche, Lacey Brown, Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia

Crystal Bowersox is about to make the "American Idol" finals, of course, and indeed she does. Michael Lynche up next, told to go to the wrong place on stage apparently but Ryan comes to him. Asks him, "do you think you can fit on one stool," he says, "yeah, man!" And he's in, of course.

Lacey Brown is next. Of course, she's in. There are two women left after her. Big hug with Paige. I like her a lot and hope she sticks around.

Aaron Kelly is next, and he tells Ryan he'll get more confident as he gets used to the judges and that he grew up watching them on TV. He's in, too. Nice guy. He could totally blossom.

Alex Lambert and Andrew Garcia are called up together. Only one of them is in. And it's Andrew. Cool. He's mad talented and is definitely a dark horse.

Wow, Alex gives a tearful farewell, says there's a lot in America he hasn't seen yet, and a lot America hasn't seen of him yet either. Seems to be taking it pretty hard. A really very decent guy.

Seems pretty down singing "Trouble," everyone swarms him afterward and gives him a big hug. I'd have loved to have seen him ripen even more, but that's the heartbreak of "Idol."

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