'American Idol' is in Atlanta, with Mary J. Blige as guest judge -- she's gotta be better than Victoria Beckham was last night.

They're hanging out on the 27th floor somewhere, and Dewone Robinson gets us started. He's got musicians in the family, can't tell if he's gonna be good or bad....

He opens his mouth, and he's bad, some super-high-pitched and then low-pitched song he wrote himself, "Lady We're Not Together Anymore." Like some experimental art thing. "One of the worst original songs I've ever heard," Simon says.

Dewone is nervous or just really weird, there's back and forth and then he sings it again, until Randy kicks him out. Oh no, they've got a camera in the glass elevator, so we hear more of him than we want to.

Are we gonna see some "Idol" finalists out of Atlanta, or just a bunch of weirdos? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post and tell us

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