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'American Idol' to run live camera feed during commercials Thursday

"American Idol" judges are, from left, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, and Randy Jackson. Credit: Fox

Yes, this is intriguing, though it really comes under the heading of  interesting gimmickry  and maybe it'll reverse the current ratings blahs: "American Idol" will go live during the commercial breaks Thursday night.

Don't worry! You'll still see the commercials because Fox will use split screen technology. And what will you, the viewer see? Doubtless the makeup artist rushing up to Nicki to apply fresh purple mascara.

 This could be fun!

 The release:

When "American Idol"  cuts to commercial break later in the show, the behind-the-scenes excitement will continue live during the ad break, giving viewers an exclusive peek from backstage, the "Idol" stage and the audience.

The live show content will appear on-screen simultaneously alongside each official sponsor’s commercial airing during the results show. Also, the official series sponsors will gain added exposure with on-screen graphics and wraps in these double-boxed commercial pods.

The double box keeps viewers connected to the storytelling of the program by giving the feeling of being at a live show, in turn keeping them attentive throughout the commercial pod and continually engaged with the larger window that features the advertising message. Combined with the branding of the on-screen wrap, ad engagement is heightened over full-screen format, a significant benefit to key sponsors.

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