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'American Idol:' Top 12 capsule reviews

AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24: Jacob Lusk, 23, of

AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24: Jacob Lusk, 23, of Compton, Calif. Credit: Fox

Top12 guys? Two second reviews . . .

Jacob Lusk: By far the best of the crowd. Should win entire show. Unless voters do what voters do.

Casey Abrams: Interesting guy, slightly rusty voice, but that's its charm. Sexy?! On what planet?

James Durbin: Like a lot, and he did hit that old nutty high note. Hope he goes far.

Robbie Rosen: Our own Glenn Gamboabreaks it down well today. Overall fine, but he needs to get some drama on.

Scott McCreery: Still getting used to a real country voice on "Idol," but he was a nice interlude.

Paul McDonald: Don't get the judges raves -- and maybe because the song is so ancient. The voice is a bit too reedy for my tastes.

Stefano Langone: Night club act -- but a not-bad voice.

Brett Loewenstern: This is America's next superstar? I think not at all. He feels a bit like a novelty act.

Jovany Barreto: No, I'm not as impressed with Jovany as he is with himself. He's the "Situation" of the lot; maybe a role on "Shore" when this ends, as it will.

Jordan Dorsey: Wrong song, admittedly. Maybe he can get his groove back on, if he survives which I very much doubt.

Clint Jun Gamboa: Over-dramatic and silly. Not even remotely good. 

Tim Halperin. The less said the better.

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