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'American Idol:' Why Robbie Rosen got robbed

Robbie Rosen performs in the semifinalists' competition on

Robbie Rosen performs in the semifinalists' competition on "American Idol," which aired March 1, 2011. Photo Credit: Fox

 So here's the question: A kid from Merrick with pipes of steel and gold gets right up to the bitter end of TV's biggest brassiest competition and proves - and I do mean proves without a shadow of a whisper of a doubt - that he belongs in the final ten or thirteen, or whatever arbitrary number "American Idol" comes up with to goose ratings and extend the season by a week, and yet he still still still doesn't get over the top?

 What's that all about? Robbie Rosen shoulda been there. You know that. I know that. What's this all about? it's about are two things and I'll offer you my theories right  here and now:

  * New York, New York: "Idol" simply decided it had enough contestants from this glorious state, which tends not to be "Idol" country anyway,  and that it needed to balance out geographical diversity. "Idol" is essentially a southern and bread-basket show; the biggest number of votes - I would imagine based on winners - arrive regionally and "Idol" made the cool cold calculation that it had to play to regional interests. You have two good country crooners in the mix, but they hardly have the vocal pyrotechnics of Robbie Rosen - Lauren Alaina comes close. But what about Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez, you say, in an effort to debunk my regional theory? Read on dear reader...

 * Women will rule this season and must: "Idol" has made another cool cold calculation that the winner of the 10th season must and will be a woman; enough with the men winners who are not only boring but fail to sell CDs in numbers sufficient to make Simon Fuller happy. Women artists from this show move the CD sales needles, not the guys.  "Idol" wants another Carrie Underwood. It's as simple as that. It has - as a result - picked one of the strongest female "Idol" fields in my memory or at least since the year Melinda Doolittle was robbed. A women will win this year - Karen Rodriguez, or Pia Toscano or Thia Megia are my favorites to take it all. Sadly for Robbie Rosen - a terrific talent who should have been in the top thirteen - he came from the wrong part of the country and was born the wrong sex.



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