The cavalcade of Super Bowl commercial pre-releases continues, and the reviews are in. In fact, the reviews are right here. In short, of the three Super Bowl star-driven ads released Wednesday, two were amusing, one perplexing, and each predicated on the no-brainer idea that big stars generate buzz.

The most anticipated — also no-brainiest — was one of Bud Light’s game day ads starring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

The summary: Amy and Seth are forming a “beer” political caucus, traveling the country on the basis of a single platform — beer. Or maybe on the basis of Paul Rudd. That’s a possibility, too (He also stars.) There’s a play on the word “caucus” — please, don’t ask me to explain but you can imagine — then Rogen quotes some lines from “Independence Day,” and it’s a wrap.

Will this beer ad sell beer? Remember that Bud Super Bowl commercials never overtly sell beer any more than they do Clydesdales. Humor’s the goal, and this one was more “miss” than “hit.”

Next, Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key star in a commercial for for website builder, Squarespace, in which they introduce a couple of new characters — Lee and Morris.

“Our entire life, we have one passionate skill — sports commentating,” says Morris (or is it Lee?) The two will announce the entire game from a special portal Squarespace set up,

Funny characters — they always are — but the ad still doesn’t quite get around to answering the question — what’s a “Squarespace”?

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Finally, Kevin Hart for Hyundai, in a 60-second ad that will air before kickoff.

Doorbell rings, teen girl opens door.

Boyfriend: “You look good.”

Kevin Hart suddenly appears: “You taking out my little girl?” Dad then hands him the keys to his car, and later follows them because his 2016 Hyundai Genesis has something called a “carfinder.”

Boyfriend quickly learns “you messing with the wrong daddy.”

Best of the three, but again, a question or two go unanswered: What’s a “carfinder,” and don’t most cellphones have a “find” function anyway. Daddy could’ve found his baby that way, too.