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Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen in naughty Super Bowl 50 Bud Light commercial

And finally ... Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen in their game day Bud Light ad, released Wednesday morning.

The through line: Amy and Seth are forming a “beer” caucus, traveling the country on the basis of a single platform — beer. Or maybe on the basis of Paul Rudd. That’s a possibility, too (He also stars.)

“They say we agree on everything,” declaims Seth.

“We agree on a lot,” proclaims Amy.

“Everyone loves Paul Rudd!”

This non sequitur then leads to a shot of Rudd, courtside at some NBA game. Close-in shot and ... Cue surprised look on Rudd’s face.

Then it all gets a little, ahem, racy: This is Seth and Amy after all ...

There are a few snickers over a word that millions of teen boys have discovered mirth in for decades -- “caucus!” -- And a couple more plays off said word.

Then, Rogen quotes some lines from “Independence Day,” and ... it’s a wrap.

Will this sell beer? Beats me. Fourteen-year-old boys will at least get a laugh.

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