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Amy Schumer talks Broadway on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ show in Brooklyn

Jimmy Kimmel welcomes Amy Schumer to his Brooklyn

Jimmy Kimmel welcomes Amy Schumer to his Brooklyn show on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Credit: ABC / Randy Holmes

Day one, night one, of the Long Island edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” began Monday -- Long Island only if you consider Brooklyn “Long Island,” which no one has in about 200 years, but then why quibble? A distinct LI flav launched the Monday edition from Brooklyn Academy of Music, and should continue all week, with Howard Stern and Billy Joel scheduled Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.  

In fact, Flavor Flav (Freeport) opened the show with a pretaped skit (Kimmel broke his clock playing stick ball, and yes, Flav does have a clock, apparently). Amy Schumer (Rockville Centre) was the first guest. Her half-brother, Jason Stein, a celebrated bass clarinetist, also performed with Kimmel’s houseband, Cleto and the Cletones, along with Paul Shaffer, who will be here all week, and who joked that this was part of a “mini-residency.” (“Late Night” and “Late Show” stage manager/star Biff Henderson also made a brief and amusing cameo appearance Monday).

 At Kimmel’s request, Stein shared an embarrassing story of his sister (her first period), and Schumer shared a few about herself (this is Amy, after all), but also had a few other things to say about her forthcoming Broadway debut, in Steve Martin’s new play “Meteor Shower” which previews at the Booth Nov. 1 and begins a limited run later in the month. Schumer called Martin her “hero,” and said she first met him about 10 years ago when she was co-hosting a show on Fuse with Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus. She also said “I did his play, ‘Picasso at the Lapin Agile,’ in college,” but declined to say whether she “did” Picasso or Einstein.

 This marks Kimmel’s third stop at BAM’s Howard Gilman Theater (the very first was derailed by superstorm ,Sandy) and at a critical juncture for the ABC late night host. His numbers (ratings) are up along with his anti-POTUS nightly rants which has proved to be good business for “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” These BAM editions also tend to out-New York the other New York shows, too, which should make this week a little more familial as well.

Meanwhile, there is Tuesday’s guest: David Letterman who hasn’t appeared on a late night show since his own wrapped two years ago. The stop at “Live” is both significant and to a certain degree symbolic. Letterman’s had a warm -- or as warm as Dave gets -- relationship with Kimmel over the years. He has a non-relationship with his successor at “Late Show,” suggesting a certain coolness if not freeze (Letterman’s “Late Show” presence at the Ed Sullivan was literally expunged hours after his final edition aired).

 Letterman will host and produce a six-episode interview series for Netflix beginning next year. Stern and Tracy Morgan also were past guests during the earlier Brooklyn shows. Monday marked Schumer’s fourth appearance on “Live.”

 Then, there’s Billy Joel. He’s never been a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” although that may be a matter of geography as opposed to late-night TV taste. (“Live” is taped on the west coast.)

 Here’s the rest of this week’s lineup:

Tuesday: David Letterman; musical performance by Fifth Harmony

Wednesday: Howard Stern; musical guest Cardi B

Thursday: Billy Joel; Tracy Morgan (“The Last O.G.”); musical performance by Joel.

Friday: Woody Harrelson (“LBJ”); musical performance by Tony Bennett.

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