Standup hour She looks so innocent. But no. Just picture "Brady Bunch" kid Marcia meandering over specifics of bedroom activity and porn tapes. Schumer also manages to touch on Mark Twain, "Double Dare" and Wilson from "Home Improvement." (Still, not safe for your mom.) The blunt-spoken Rockville Centre stand-up hits Manhattan's Gotham Comedy Club March 14-16, then starts her Comedy Central series April 30.

Extras Uncensored clips of Schumer roasting Charlie Sheen, Roseanne.

List price $15, out from Comedy Central.

Also out:

LIFE'S TOO SHORT Ricky Gervais is behind "Idiot Abroad" compadre Warwick Davis' little-actor mockumentary series, with Johnny Depp, Steve Carell, other guests; $30, HBO.

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HARRY O: SEASON 2 Final episodes of David Janssen's deliciously wry '70s private eye offer more Farrah Fawcett (her first TV recurring gig), plus guests Larry Hagman, Adam Arkin, more; $50,

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD & CHROME Prequel Web series recently aired as Syfy flick; $30 DVD/$35 Blu-ray+DVD+digital, Universal.