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Anchor falls, Olbermann says 'sorry'

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann Photo Credit: AP

  On the world wide web, repository of many things cruel and stupid and (OK) even kinda funny, a video went viral a couple weeks ago featuring an anchorwoman falling as she reached out to her weatherman on live TV. She fell hard, disappearing behind the desk.

  Keith Olbermann - and probably a few million others  - made fun of the whole affair (who can blame 'im?), until he learned this: She suffers from MS.

  Oh man.

  In any event, to  Keith's credit, he apologized, and here's a clip of that.

  Meanwhile, this got me to thinking: It's April fools day. What other wonderful anchor bloopers have occurred over the years, to be forever preserved like bugs in amber, on the WWW?

  There is nothing - I repeat NOTHING -  funny about poor Melanie Dawson falling off of her chair. So, I am not laughing, Ms. Dawson (even if you are.) But is it OK to laugh at some of these other instances of anchors incapable of deying the laws of gravity? Please check them out after the first two clips...There may be others out there that I've missed. But I'll keep adding to this as the memory improves...

  And by the way, I apologize to these other two esteemed journalists for laughing... 

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 Oh hell with it! Let's expand out to the rest of the wonderful world of local news. Here's one of my favorite bloopers...


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