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Good Morning

And the winner of Newsday's in-house 'American Idol' contest is...

Lee DeWyze wasn't the only 'American Idol'  winner this season -- thanks to his victory over Crystal Bowersox, Peggy Lundquist won our in-house Newsday prediction contest.

Peggy correctly predicted the outcome 8 of the 11 weeks, and earned 27 points. Which was enough to jump over Jonathan McCarthy and his 26 points, who stuck with his favorite Crystal for the finals.

Yours truly actually also finished with 27 points, but Peggy predicted 1 more week correctly, so she's the champ.

Below are the full results; congrats, Peggy!

Peggy Lundquist (8-3, 27 points)

Jamshid Mousavinezhad (7-4, 27 points)

Jonathan McCarthy (6-5, 26 points)

Adam Abramson (6-5, 24 points)

Daniel Bubbeo (6-5, 22 points)

Glenn Gamboa (6-5, 22 points)

Eileen Fredes (5-5, 20 points)

Verne Gay (4-6, 19 points)

Ronnie Gill (2-9, 17 points)

Anne Bratskeir (5-3, 15 points)

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