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Andrew Garcia gives Katy Perry 'chills' on 'American Idol'

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Rose

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for the chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Photo Credit: FOX

Katy Perry replaces Avril Lavigne -- who I thought was one of 'American Idol's' best guest judges ever -- on day two of the LA audition round.

Austin Fullmer up next, in shiny stripes, is trying hard to be cocky and fierce but just seems foolish. Randy is cracking up as he gyrates around the stage, bellowing in a fake British accent. Katy says "I'm scared," nobody likes him as he keeps trying to intensely convince them he's a star in the making.

He should just be himself, afterwards he's crying; obviously not a bad kid, just misguided. Katy seems to be trying a bit too hard to be clever and memorable.

Andrew Garcia is next, on 'American Idol,' has a super-cute son, wants him to "have everything, more than I had." His parents moved out of Compton so he wouldn't be sucked into gangs like they were, dad breaks down talking about how he's a good son. I really like Andrew, and his family.

Sings "Sunday Morning," nice light voice, great tone, makes you smile just to listen. "Only person who has walked through today who I generally believe is a good singer," says Simon. Praises his choice, "am glad I met you." Kara says she really likes him too, Randy too, Katy says he gave her "chills."

Yeah, Andrew is really good, one of my favorites so far this year. His son gives him a kiss in celebration.

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