Andrew Garcia talks about how he loves break-dancing before he sings on "American Idol," "there's a lot of style, a lot of swag to it." Doing "You Give Me Something," on a stoll in a tight gray sports jacket and scarf.

He's just singing tonight, sincere and direct, with that unbelievable texture. It's powerful and controlled, he even does a bit of moving in the second part. It's not magical for me, maybe a bit too deliberate, with something unknown missing; but definitely a strong performance.

Randy says pitchy all over the place, "to me you are way better than that," wants more of a singer-songwriter vibe. Ellen disagrees and says she liked it a lot, but that he's got to top that "Straight Up" version though we've all got in our heads.

Kara totally agrees, "you're a rhythmic singer, you played it too safe." Simon says it's beginning to become a problem that you haven't picked the right song yet, "it's just OK, and you're better than OK."

Yeah, they've got it right -- we expect so much from this guy, a decent performance ain't gonna cut it.

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