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Andrew Garcia leaves Simon hoping he survives on 'American Idol'

Andrew Garcia's dad says he thought he'd be a custodian. He liked to collect keys as a kid. They say they didn't really have money growing up and his dad breaks down talking about it. Performing "Gimme Shelter" next on "American Idol," he's wearing a gray sport coat and jeans.

Powerful start, but definitely performing, not totally letting go. He may even be nervous. I'm a fan of Andrew but he's not great vocally on this. Hits some nice notes, but the whole thing leaves me wanting something bigger and better.

Randy is laughing, says it was pitchy everywhere, not great. Ellen says, "what do I know, I thought it was your best performance yet." Kara says some good tone at some times, but not sure he got the lyrics about war, talks for a while about how she wants more intensity. She's right. He didn't get the heart of the song.

Simon is kind of at a loss for words after Kara's speech, then says you were probably better in rehearsals, something didn't quite connect tonight. He says he hopes he survives another week, and that he likes him.

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