Back to Chicago, 'American Idol' runs a motage of crazies. At this point, shouldn't these people realize the only reason they're seeing Simon is so we can laugh at them?

Angela Martin, who auditioned in Philly a couple seasons ago, is back. Wow, I remember her, she's the one whose dad was killed right before she was cut in the Hollywood round. And then last year, turns out she had to go to court for a traffic violation after she made the top 50.

Singing "Just Fine," she's got the swing, shows off her vocals and her attitude. Simon says "you really need a break, and you're just good." Kara likes how she got better, after they put her through tells her to pay her tickets, and adds, "she's great."

So 10 people get out of Chicago on day one, we saw three. Sigh.

What are your thoughts about Angela Martin -- and do you think it's fair that most of the contestants who make it to Hollywood aren't really shown? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post to tell us

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