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Angelina Jolie: The '60 Minutes' treatment

Angelina Jolie: The "most beautiful face on the planet."  Former bad girl. Now humanitarian. Knows someone named Brad. Once wore revealing outfits that revealed revealing stuff -- and shown again on "60 Minutes" just in case what had been revealed had not yet been revealed to show's viewers. Doing an independent film in Bosnia entitled "In the Land of Blood and Honey."  Has left really bad movies like the Lara Croft franchise behind forever -- well, extrapolating here, but you can't be a serious filmmaker and still be Lara Croft, right? 

You've now caught up with last night's unrevealing "60 Minutes" profile of Angelina Jolie, who -- once again -- has taken a major media outlet and twisted it around her pinkie. Marvelous.

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