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Angie Miller like Miley Cyrus' long-lost twin on 'American Idol'

Angie Miller next on "American Idol," her brother is up on stage with her — apparently he's been growing out his beard since she started on the show. They show her hometown visit to Beverly, Mass.

She's so excitable all the time, is just bouncing all over the place during her visit.

Drives through Boston, they show some of the "Boston Strong" signs. Big group hug for her friends at a coffee shop. Go back to her old elementary school; hundreds of little kids going nuts; it's really cute.

She keeps clapping her hands in glee; shows up at home, hugs her cat, then off to the parade. Big crowd for the concert; whole thing makes you smile the entire time.

Weird, judges pick a Pink song for her, "Try." Odd; not something she could've played at the piano, which is all they've ever wanted her to do. She's like a pro; just a natural performer, so even though the song doesn't leave you with goose bumps or anything, it's fun to listen to.

Keith Urban says she seemed so comfortable, loved it. Nicki Minaj says pretty much the same thing, then adds that she's like Miley Cyrus's long-lost twin.

Randy Jackson says the song "fit you like a glove, you sounded amazing on it."

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