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Angie Miller's vocal 'spectacular,' Candice Glover brings 'power,' Kree Harrison lacks 'pizzazz' on 'American Idol'

Kree Harrison kicks things off on "American Idol" -- they're singing three songs tonight, first one picked by mentor Jimmy Iovine. Doing a Pink song, the one known as "Perfect."

It's not very good; odd choice, nothing memorable or interesting. Almost like she was mailing it in. She's been mediocore the last few weeks, not sure what's happening with her.

Keith Urban says it was OK, Nicki Minaj wants her to wear boots so she can move more. Randy Jackson says it didn't have a lot of "pizzazz." Mariah Carey calls it an "interesting song choice."

Candice Glover next, doing U2's "One." Now this is an inspired pick; not an obvious song choice, but her velvety voice swells to fill the room on the chorus. She throws in her gospel flair; it's energetic and fun to listen to.

Minaj liked the choice, compares it to Mary J. Blige's version. Jackson likes how she had room to "soar and sing," loved her emotion. Carey said "we felt it," while Urban praises her "power." Ryan Seacrest says Glover had never even heard the song before starting rehearsal this week. Wow.

Angie Miller singing Elton John's "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." It's fantastic from the get-go; she simply owns the stage -- is deliberate, crystal clear, passionate yet not cheesy. One of her best performances of the year I think; she's going to win this thing pretty easily, because of moments like this.

Jackson praised how she wasn't over-the-top, says "I actually really liked it." Carey calls it "one of the best performances I've seen you do." Urban thought she could've held back even more, "you can break people's hearts singing gently, too." Calls her voice "spectacular."

Minaj calls it a "stellar vocal," but says something was missing emotionally for her.

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