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Good Afternoon

Angie Miller 'strange' for judges, Burnell Taylor like 'a sexy doctor' on 'American Idol'

Burnell Taylor next on "American Idol," singing Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie, Amour" -- Smokey Robinson calls his tone "captivating," which is exactly right. Great pick; resplendent in a white suit, it's just pure vocal magic. Sounds like nobody else, just like Wonder. Singing effortlessly, just making me smile with joy. 

Keith Urban gives him a standing ovation, Nicki Minaj calls him "a sexy doctor in all white." Says "your voice is so rich and soulful," likes how he's just playing with the vocals, "it's very artsy and interesting to watch." Randy Jackson loves his little vocal inflections, Mariah Carey likes the white suit too, thought he gave the song a "modern flavor." 

Urban says he's "so original," tells him he "just loves it all."

Angie Miller next, singing guest mentor Smokey Robinson's "Shop Around." He tells her he "loves it when people sing my songs," and that she should "have fun with it." Jimmy Iovine tells her, "don't worry about enunciating every word, like 'My Fair Lady.'" That's exactly it; she's so aware of herself on stage sometimes, of being a star.

Slinks out in an electric blue dress, looking fantastic; this song is decades old but she's making it work; sounds believable, lots of attitude. And she goes big on the chorus too; nicely done.

Jackson calls it "strange one for me," thought she was pitchy. Carey didn't love it either, "this is not necessarily what you do best," wanted her back at the piano. Urban didn't think it quite fit either, with Minaj saying you tried to show us a different side "that didn't need to be shown." Tells her basically we love you the way you are, don't change.

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