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Angie Miller 'unbelievably amazing,' Devin Velez and Janelle Arthur 'honest' on 'American Idol'

Angie Miller up next on "American Idol," singing "Yesterday." We could have a moment with this tonight .?.?. Starts off slow and stripped down, her voice soars. It's beautiful; yet not cheesy, there's an appropriate level of emotion and she's really feeling the song, reflects it with subtle changes in her voice. It's like a vocal master class; lots of color.

Randy Jackson calls it "stellar," and liked how she held back and didn't over sing. Mariah Carey says it was a "respectful" version, yet "showed your voice." Keith Urban loved it, tells her not to overthink. Nicki Minaj calls it "unbelievably amazing," says she can do soundtracks for Disney movies, "you can do anything with your voice."

Devin Velez singing "Long and Winding Road," good song choice I think. Starts off sounding a bit like a lounge singer; too smooth I think. Was bored; nothing special, just a cover.

Carey liked it, Urban makes a good point by saying he's almost too laid-back, needs more emotion. Minaj thought he was "committed emotionally," likes how he's "truthful" to his own personality. Jackson liked his "swagger," called it "very nice."

Janelle Arthur closes out the show with "I Will," which I think is a mistake. People don't know it; mentor Jimmy Iovine calls it a "very subtle song." Sitting on a stool; just can't get into it, the song itself isn't that strong and she's swallowing her words. Not memorable in any way for me.

Urban says she knows who she is. "You're pure, you're true," he says. Minaj loved it, calls her "great" because she can be subtle and says, "Everything is so honest about you." Jackson calls it one of the best performances of the night. Carey thinks she's been listening to the judges and dubs it an "elegant" performance.

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