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Annie Lennox and a little girl break our heart, and then heal it, on 'American Idol'

Oh gosh, Annie Lennox on "American Idol" profiles a seven-year-old from Africa, who has HIV and weighs as much as a one-year-old.

It's heartbreaking, the most memorable moment of the night. The focus is on how if her mom had gotten adequate care when she was pregnant, the girl would've been OK.

They then go back to check on her after the girl gets some anti-HIV drugs -- my God, she looks so much healthier!

Lennox then sings, not sure about the name of the song -- it's new, and the lyrics are totally approrpiate, maybe "Universal Child?" -- but it's heartfelt.

This is the part of the show everyone's going to be talking about in the office tomorrow. Oh, that -- and Lennox's T-shirt, which reads "HIV Positive." She's not . . . she's raising awareness and trying to help ease the stigma.


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