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'Another One Bites the Dust' - Elise Testone Eliminated from 'Idol competition

Elise Testone is eliminated on

Elise Testone is eliminated on "American Idol" airing Thursday, April 26, 2012. Also Pictured: Ryan Seacrest. Credit: Fox

While American Idol’s Season 11’s Elise Testone sang Queen's “I Want It All” the night before she was booted from the show, the New Jersey native had to settle for 6th place — not so bad when you consider that about 64,000 wannabes vied for a chance.

While I liked Elise the best — her growly voice and the way she worked the stage with confidence and style — I knew she wasn’t going to win.

Elise picked some obscure tunes and had a tendency to wear her emotions on her sleeve when the judges and mentor Jimmy Iovine would critique her performances.

And humility wasn’t one of her virtues, a characteristic that is a must if you want to stay in the competition.

I heard a clip of an interview Elise did with Fox last night after elimination, and she indicated that Stevie Nicks, who was a mentor this season, had expressed interest in her as a backup singer, something she was excited about!

While most of the “idol psychics” had anticipated Elise’s departure this week, my granddaughter Alex was very upset to see “her girls,” Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh, land, once again, in the bottom two.

When it was revealed that Elise was going home, Alex burst into tears and asked her mom, “why can’t they use the save again .?.?. I don’t want Elise to go home.”

While there was no consoling her, I got on the phone and told her that we would be seeing Elise at the concert this summer at the Nassau Coliseum on August 22. Tickets go on sale May 11.

While Phillip Phillips was conspicuously absent from this week's Ford commercial, and Ryan Seacrest mentioned that he hadn't been feeling well, the consensus of opinion among my group is that Phillips is heir apparent to the title.

Next Wednesday, the Top 5 will choose songs from a “British Theme.”  "American Idol" season 4 winner Carrie Underwood and Coldplay will perform on Thursday.

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