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Arsenio Hall is a late-night guy too! He corrects the Times and NBC

Arsenio Hall participates in "The Arsenio Hall Show"

Arsenio Hall participates in "The Arsenio Hall Show" panel at the CBS Summer TCA in Beverly Hills, Calif. (July 29, 2013) Credit: AP

Arsenio Hall is a late-night TV host. Can I repeat that? Arsenio Hall is a late night TV host. least I'm absolved. But not the New York Times or NBC News. Last night, Arsenio went after -- good-naturedly, but with definite bite -- the fact that both NBC and the Times completely ignored him in their outtakes on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Not a mention. Not a word. Not a...well, not an anything. 

  [And this late breaking omission news: Brian Williams corrected NBC's Arsenio omission on Wednesday's 'Nightly News" by noting that once New Hampshire was dropped from the US map in a report; oh,and that "Philadelpia" was misspelled. And for the record, Pete Holmes was ignored too in NBC's earlier Fallon story, as Williams noted.]

Hall says he doesn't even care if anyone uses a photo -- or "use Laurence Fishburne's photo..." instead. (Great line; I guess we all know that story, right?) But just mention him, at the very least.

 (Did I already mention? Arsenio Hall is a late-night host and you can see him every  night, weeknights anyway, on WPIX/11... )

Meanwhile, he says he doesn't want to be "the angry black man," and instead has someone else do the anger for him...

  Watch this clip. Arsenio definitely has a point, by the way. That point is, he's right.

 (Newsday app viewers please go to to see Arsenio not get angry.) 

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