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Good Afternoon

Arsenio Hall on late-night TV this fall

BEVERLY HILLS — "The Arsenio Hall Show" ended 19 years ago — yes, time does fly — and will return Sept. 9.

A couple of hours ago, Hall, perhaps better known to some TV viewers these days as a recent winner of "Celebrity Apprentice," said that he understands full well that the late night world has changed since the last century: "One of the biggest challengers is to get people to watch and not watch tomorrow" on the web. "The challenges are gigantic right now [but] there's a huge audience out there that doesn't have a late night show."

This September (in New York, on WPIX/11), that audience will have a new one, and to hear Hall it will incorporate many elements of yore.

The show?  “Basically, what I’ll do is just assert my personality and hope people will hang with me."

Heeeeere's Arsenio talking at length about his talker:Obviously, back in the day I was trying to take anything that was left over on Carson’s plate. It’s a huge challenge this time to bring people to the television. But I know that everybody doesn’t have a late night host. One of the biggest challenges for all of us as late night hosts is to get people to even make an appointment to watch TV and not say, “I’ll watch Fallon yodel tomorrow,” because you have that ability to Google anything and find anything that’s been on. It’s hard to get people to even watch you and make appointments for television. So the challenges are gigantic now. And you put on a good show obviously, statistics say that your biggest fan people come up to you in the mall, and they say, “I watch you every night, man.” And that’s not true. Your biggest fan doesn’t watch you every night. You hope for three nights, to get a guy three nights a week to check you out. And two nights they’ll be watching other people. Sometimes you’ll get one night. But you hope you do a good, funny show and you assert a unique personality that’s not there so that you can just be in the game. I’m trying to be in the game. I just got to be better than one guy that’s there.

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