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"As the World Turns:" Daytime Emmys tribute



  Speaking of tearful tributes, "As the World Turns" got a nice one last night on the Daytime Emmys.

  As you may know, "ATWT" will end this September, after 54 years on the air. It did well last night as Michael Park and Maura West were named best actor and actress in a soap, while Julie Pinson got a best supporting win. 

  While you/me may not pay that much attention to soaps, this is one tribute worth looking at. "ATWT" was a big part of the New York production community, and ends just as "L&O" pulls up its stakes here as well.

  And still, when anything ends that was or is as emblematic as "As the World Turns" - the very title may be the single most famous or at least recognized in soaps, while those four words almost seem to symbolize the daily world of sturm and drang, of love won, of love lost - it's cause for remorse. Meanwhile, check out the prehistoric clip that follows...that's what TV used to look like...and sound like...



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