As we start 'American Idol's' second hour, we discover Bill Bloom can't sing, Michael Ryan neither (but he's funny), Ashley Rodriguez, who's in music school, obviously can, has that look. "If I Met You,"

A bit breathy, but she has the pipes. Kara loves her, her look, thinks she's great, calls her her favorite, can be commercial. Victoria B., who's added nothing today, just echoes Kara. Simon says she may have IT.

I liked her, didn't love her for some reason, even though she has a great smile and seems nice. Maybe she'll grow on me.

Tyler Grady, who fell out of a tree or something, hence the broken arm. He has a good, intense but charming look, fashionable, with noticeable hair. A bit geeky, but man, belts out "Let's Get It On." Has great tone to his voice, is simply interesting.

Kara and Victoria are gushing over him as Ryan and Simon sit and listen. Randy like his Jim Morrison vibe; Simon says he'll remember this audtion, Tyler says he really appreciates it. Nice guy, he's gonna be around.

17 others make it out by the end of day one Ryan says, montage of celebrations and contestants we hopefully will get to meet -- but not today.

Who'd you like better, Ashley Rodriguez or Tyler Grady? And why? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post, to tell us

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