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Ashthon Jones out-divas Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol'

Ashthon Jones is next on "American Idol." I think she's gonna own it. Big hair, total confidence, performing Monica's "Love All Over Me." She's got a big voice and is totally at home on stage. It's nothing wowable for me, but good.

"You've got the confidence of a queen," says Steven Tyler, as Jennifer Lopez says "you've got all the makings of a diva," calls her "amazing." In a hilarious moment, Jones some neck moves and then mimics J.Lo's head tilt, she's totally at ease up there.

Randy Jackson likes her stage presence but didn't really like the song, which is right on. 

They tell her she's more Diana Ross. Totally looking forward for more from her. She's got cute facial expressions as Ryan Seacrest reads off her number, trying to suck us into her fandom.

Reminds me of Nadia Turner, one of my all-time favorite "American Idol" contestants. 


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