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Super Bowl ad for Avocados from Mexico starring Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald plays a pitch woman for the Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network, which has everything you could ever need for your avocado, in this Super Bowl ad touting the virtues of the Mexican fruit. (Credit: Reeses)

Avocados from Mexico has been in five straight Super Bowls, and a sixth ad arrives Sunday. But why? We already love avocados from Mexico, right? What more need be said? How much more love can we give? Avocados from Mexico thinks lots more, and so, this. 

THE AD Screen icon of the '80s — and more recently, star of "Riverdale" — Molly Ringwald is employed as an avocado infomercial pitch woman who sells avocado accessories like avocado suitcases, avocado music boxes and avocado yurts. The 60-second ad ends with the tag, "Remember, your avocado is worth it! Shop now and we'll throw in Molly." (Molly: "Wait.") 

THE IDEA Frankly, that's not entirely clear. 

BOTTOM LINE Over the past five Bowls, Avocados has had some hits — notably 2016's "Avos in Space" — and misses. This one joins the latter. But, to repeat, why? There's Ringwald and good production values and OK sight gags. There's also one joke that's beaten over the head, and negative bonus points for the lame kicker. Meanwhile, the veracity — and this does indeed look like an infomercial — cheapens, then deadens, the pitch. After watching, you look at the bowl of guac, and wonder: Do I really want to? Nah.

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