Scott Brown's upset win in the race for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat has Americans googling to find out more about the new junior senator from Massachusetts -- but 'American Idol' fans are already familiar with him, since his daughter Ayla appeared on the show in 2006 and he made an appearance in her biographical video.

Ayla was cut after the Hollywood round (boo!) but sticks in the minds of many fans; she was tall (she's now finishing her senior year on Boston College's team), had a good look, and in my opinion at least had a good voice.

Wikipedia reminds us though that Simon flayed her as "robotic and somewhat empty" -- ironically, the same critique some Democrats leveled, unsuccessfully it turned out, at her dad. (He did, though, pose nude for Cosmpolitan while in college).

Congrats, Ayla Brown's dad -- I'm assuming music education will be a top priority in your administration?!

*Thanks to Newser for pointing this out: In a really weird moment, Senator-elect Brown jokingly told his victory rally that his daughters "were available." Pandemonium then broke out for at least 20 seconds, with people laughing, gasping, clapping and yelling things out.

The senator-elect let it all die down, then clarified that actually, his daughter Arianna wasn't available -- "but Ayla is!" More astonished reaction from the crowd, Ayla's mouth dropped open, and you can hear her saying, laughingly but pointedly, "stop!" to her dad.

Sortof the way Paula always used to say to Simon!

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