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Baby sister is having a baby in 'Better With You'

Diligent older sister Jennifer Finnigan ("Close to Home") lives happily in a longtime, unmarried relationship. Impulsive younger sister JoAnna Garcia ("Reba") meets a guy, gets pregnant, gets engaged in mere weeks. Pushy parents Debra Jo Rupp ("That '70s Show") and Kurt Fuller ("Psych") go whole hog for the latter, which consternates sister former.


What is it with all the words on screen this season? Even comedies are now into Chyrons, those graphics on the lower third of the screen to tell you where you are, when you are, who they are, et al. "Better With You" uses them to specify how long its three couples have been together - nine years, 71/2 weeks, 35 years - which at least quickly places its three perspectives on love and marriage.

And those start to take on some interesting shape, once "Better With You" gets past its too-frantic introductory scenes. These actors are serious sitcom pros, and their show is actually about something genuine - sibling bonding / rivalry, parental button-pushing, relationship-building. It's nice to see some emotional meat in a live-audience staging again, feeding off the energy and reactions of real people.


"Better With You" gets even better with time.



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