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Bad 'American Idol' groups manage to move on during Hollywood Week

Lauren Mink's group for some reason does an energetic but hokey “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” next on “American Idol.“ If only Simon Cowell were here, he'd call it like something you'd hear on a bad cruise.

Shockingly, they all make it through; not sure why.

Savannah Votion's group next, doing “Somebody That I Used to Know.“ They're creative but also off-pitch, harmonies not meshing. Sounds pretty amateur, like something thrown together at the last second. Only one makes it out. Group turns on each other afterward, not pretty.

Janel Stinney's group says she's been AWOL and uncooperative, Ryan Seacrest calls them a “dysfunctional group.“ Kriss Mincey up first, she's strong; Stinney forgets the words and is horrible, Cristabel Clack is good too — gets Mariah Carey to close her eyes in appreciation.

Nicki Minaj actually stands for them afterward, haven't seen that yet this season. “I enjoyed you guys messing up the words,“ she says, because she thinks they still “felt it." 

“Wow, I had almost the complete opposite reaction to the song,“ Keith Urban says; he hated it. Stinney melts down and cries when the judges ask her how come she didn't rehearse with the group, but Minaj says she likes her uniqueness. Even though the judges were totally split, they all move on in the end.

Afterward a few of them say, “We are sharing in our surprising success — very surprising.“

Seretha Guinn's group next — along with Tenna Torres and Kiara Lanier they do a ragged version of “American Boy.“ Minaj says, “That was so painful — what was that?“ She rips each of them, says “I forgot what I loved about all of you before.“ Judges split; wind up sending Guinn home, rest move on.

Erin Christine, powerful Zoanette Johson and Lauren Bettes do an energetic version of “Knock On Wood” that didn't really hang together for me, but wasn't bad. Bettes goes home, others move on.

Shira Gavrielov, Alisha Dixon, Liz Bills and Courtney Calle do a funky, disjointed version of “Somebody That I Used To Know.“ It's very odd, does not work at all; Randy Jackson is making faces, it's just awkward and hard to listen to.

Ironically Bills, who the other members didn't like at all, is the only one to move on. Gavrielov asks the judges for an explanation; they just tell her she wasn't very good today. She disagrees; but she was totally off-key.

This has been a train wreck so far; every group has been at best middling, at worst horrible.

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